Birds of Prey

Eagles, Kites
& Vultures

Surely the most majestic of all Raptors? These birds have it all: huge size, power, intelligence and the serious ‘WOW’ factor too!


Falcons truly are the ‘fighter-jets’ of the avian world; designed to out fly and catch other birds in the open sky. Falcons with their most exciting form of flight still are the most highly prized of all birds of prey among the world’s richest falconers just as they were in medieval times.


Hawks are the most versatile of these birds; they have wing and tail designs to allow for soaring in open skies or dashing through enclosed woodlands, truly versatile in their abilities and prey variety.


With their almost human-looking faces the Owls are always extremely popular with us humans! Special silent flight and amazing patterns just add to our fascination with these mostly nocturnal stealth hunters.
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Watch an owl swoop through its natural, woodland habitat, stroll in open countryside accompanied by a hawk and witness an eagle or vulture soar before diving back down to earth and onto the gloved arm.

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