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Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle is an icon of the animal kingdom. Whilst happy to scavenge for food like most species of eagle, the Goldie is a seriously capable hunter. In the wild state they are able to take down prey as large as deer and as formidable as the Red Fox. As a falconry bird they are still, in the east, used to catch quarry upto and including Wolves! Whilst only breeding in Scotland within the UK, this species ranges right around the northern hemisphere.

Our Golden Eagle, Zeus if not out on the road with Dave and his educational school visits is sometimes on the photography team or the hunting day team! If having a day off Zeus is usually residing in his aviary at Icarus Falconry where he likes to do as little as possible!

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Watch an owl swoop through its natural, woodland habitat, stroll in open countryside accompanied by a hawk and witness an eagle or vulture soar before diving back down to earth and onto the gloved arm.

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