Aplomado Falcon

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Aplomado Falcon

Falco Femoralis

The Aplomado Falcon is a one of the most beautiful of all raptors! Our pair Manuel ‘Manny’ and Maya have two different job descriptions; whilst Maya is a true falconry/hunting bird, Manny is a big fun hit with our experience day guests!

In the wild state these small, colourful falcons hail from South America up through Mexico into Texas and hunt prey as small as butterfles or as large as birds more than twice their size. A sociable species often seen hunting in pairs.

​Their name ‘Aplomado’ comes from the spanish word to be lead coloured or lead lined, due to the colour of the adult bird’ backs

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Watch an owl swoop through its natural, woodland habitat, stroll in open countryside accompanied by a hawk and witness an eagle or vulture soar before diving back down to earth and onto the gloved arm.

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