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Accipiter Gentilis

​In medieval times commonly known as the ‘cook’s bird’ due to its efficiency as a Falconers’ hawk. Few birds leave the glove in pursuit of game as blindingly fast as an Accipiter. Able to take all manner of prey from birds to mammals this species truly can fill the game larder single handed! As a birdwatcher you may know it as the ‘Phantom of the forest’, a well deserved nickname due to this species ability to fly so fast through woodland that it surely is going through the trees rather than around them!

​Our Goshawk was once a hunting day mainstay but due to VHD wiping out most rabbits country wide, until further notice we wont be putting any pressure on the humble bunnies trying to survive this dreadful disease. 

For now our Gos will be a photo shoot day bird…

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Watch an owl swoop through its natural, woodland habitat, stroll in open countryside accompanied by a hawk and witness an eagle or vulture soar before diving back down to earth and onto the gloved arm.

Animal welfare licence number: 19/01095/AWEA

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