European Eagle Owl

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European Eagle Owl

Bubo Bubo

Arguably the worlds largest owl and certainly far more widespread than its giant rival the Blakiston’s Fishing Owl!

Widespread throughout Europe and now Britain’s sixth species of owl; probably due to ‘Harry Potter’ pets escaping or being released..

On the continent this species preys heavily on sleeping Buzzards so here, nowadays, in the UK it wouldn’t be short of food!

​Rosco here used to be part of our team that was flown by us at Yorkshire wildlife park, until he got the hang of catching his own Rabbit suppers and then spending two days eating his prizes in the tallest tree he could find; making him rather frustrating to work with! So he came back here and is a favourite Photo day bird. 

Meanwhile you can fly our biggest owl on your experience day; Rosco’s larger ‘girlfriend’ Luna!

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Watch an owl swoop through its natural, woodland habitat, stroll in open countryside accompanied by a hawk and witness an eagle or vulture soar before diving back down to earth and onto the gloved arm.

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